I purchased the C-LOOP-HDXXLTAM HD series large 65cm tunable loop antenna for portable and table top radios that feature internal ferrite rod antennas.

I was initially looking for a relatively high gain directional passive MW loop antenna that could be used inside the house, backyard, nearby park, coastal beach lookout, and easily transported in a small car. The C-LOOP-HDXXLTAM HD worked well for this purpose.

From inside my house on the kitchen benchtop with the C-LOOP-HDXXLTAM HD loop placed nearby to the side of a Sangean PR-D3 battery powered portable AM/FM radio, I have heard 549 kHz China, 558 kHz Fiji, 558 kHz 6WA Wagin, Western Australia, 684 kHz Fujian, China, 720 kHz Invercargill, New Zealand, 774 kHz NHK Japan, 783 kHz 8HA Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 783 kHz Albany, Western Australia, 783 kHz Fujian, China, 909 kHz Fujian, China, 1377 kHz TWR Armenia, 1386 kHz NHK Japan, 1521 kHz Urumqi, NW China, 1575 kHz VOA Thailand, and other long distance medium wave signals.

With the Sangean PR-D15 AM/FM portable radio, and the 65 cm PK loop inside the house, 1580 kHz KBLA, Santa Monica, California, USA has been heard. Compared to my larger size 102 cm side length PVC box loop, the 65 cm PK loop produces lower gain as expected, but similar signal-to-noise ratio on 1580 kHz KBLA. This is a testimony to the excellent low noise performance of a small circular design main tank coil.

The orthogonal nulling performance is also excellent. From my Sydney location is it easy to completely null out 1521 kHz 2QN Deniliquin NSW, to receive 1521 kHz Urumqi, North-western China at 10,822 km.

The 65 cm PK loop is durable, and easy to rotate 360 degrees on a horizontal surface. For its relatively small size, the weak signal pickup performance is impressive. Thank you to PK Antennas for designing a transportable compact, and durable high performance medium wave DX antenna.


Todd Emslie, Sydney, Australia.

Earlier this year I bought a 20” C-LOOP-HDXLSM525-1725 in readiness for a serious medium wave dxpedition to Rarotonga Cook Islands. Equipment taken on this trip in June 2019 was a Drake R8B and a JRC NRD 545 receiver, and a homemade amplified 40" box loop, and also a USA made amplified 7.5" ferrite rod loop antenna.

On this dxpedition comparisons were made between the three antennas on the many North American and Latin American medium wave stations heard.

Whilst the larger 40" box loop had more gain, the more user friendly 20" C-LOOP-HDXLSM525-1725 was able to receive all the signals the bigger loop could at a slightly reduced signal level, but with a lower noise level. The USA made 7.5" ferrite rod loop antenna had the lowest signal level of all three antennas, and with much higher noise levels heard on the signals tested.

I cannot recommend the 20” C-LOOP-HDXLSM525-1725 highly enough. If there are DX signals out there to be heard this loop will certainly hear them and will not be out performed by larger or ferrite style antennas. The loop is of a very rugged construction ideal for travelling and dxpeditions, and there is no need to worry about damage from likely rough handling. The 20" loop is also about the maximum size that can be placed in a large airline suitcase. I was totally sceptical of the performance when I bought the loop because of its size but after spending two weeks seriously dxing with it I am so impressed!

Thank you again for an amazing well designed product.

Best regards,

Chris Rogers Melbourne, Australia.

I received my antenna (A-LOOP-TAM) and just wanted to say thank you for an excellent product.

I tried the antenna out at my remote cabin located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The cabin is located at 8140 feet elevation (about 2481 meters) but it is surrounded by mountains over 11,000 feet (3350 meters).

It has been nearly impossible to receive daytime weather reports from local stations, 60 miles distant. I am happy to say that with the aid of your wonderful antenna, I am able to listen to no less than 6 local stations during the day and many distant stations at night.

I had tried other antennas but none worked with such gratifying satisfaction as yours. Please accept my enthusiastic thanks for a job well done!


Chris Bastian, USA

Just letting you know that the Loop Antenna has arrived safe and sound. The Shortwave Loop (C-LOOP HDSW618) is really terrific, well worth the price. The size is really great, it's sturdy and can be easily transported which is a big bonus for my upcoming DX Expeditions. Also, really impressed with the craftsmanship of the Loop, thanks you very much for building it for me, I am most grateful.

I have just returned to DX-ing after a 40 year break - it is such a different world out there. I am located in a pretty dense housing area with a lot of noise. I am using a Sangean ATS 909X with a long-wire antenna. Reception has been diabolical to say the least.

I knew nothing about Loop antennas until I did my research. Chatting to you about my requirements put my mind at ease and I have been eagerly awaiting the antenna to arrive.

I tried it out this afternoon and wow, it pulls down weak signals like you wouldn't believe!! I spent most of last night (and early this morning!) testing it out and it is just amazing. I am so glad I decided to purchase your product.


Mike F, Wellington, New Zealand

Wanted to tell you what a great product you sell. I have a lot of AM loop antennas, commercial and homemade. Yours is the easiest to use and most portable loop antenna I have. My homemade, amplified 6-foot box loop is more selective, but not easy transport and is unwieldy. I often go on the road and DX AM radio stations, but have to leave the box loop at home. Your antenna has become an indispensable part of my mobile DX toolbox.

I've seen your listings for years, and decided to take the plunge. Best radio/DX investment I've made in a long time.

Thank you again for your product!

73, Jim Tedford, USA

Hi Paul, finally got the 2GB 873kHz aerial up this afternoon. Had a bit of rain around for a few days. The reception is outstanding almost completely clear. A few little crackles if you listen very closely, probably a storm somewhere. See the attached photo of the install. Mounted the loop close to the satellite dish and all is good, it is probably 600mm from the top of it and at least 1200mm from the metal roof. I faced the aerial edge-on in a south westerly position to get the best reception, (the satellite dish is facing north)

Thanks very much, the Mother-in-law is very very happy !

Shaune S, MacMasters Beach NSW

Paul - The antenna (A-LOOP-LWT150-500 Longwave Loop) arrived here today--Friday--exactly one week in transit. I set it up tonight trying it out with a Sony ICF-2010, a Grundig YB-400PE and a Roberts Revival radio. Within the rather narrow time window of a darkness path between my location, 150 miles inland from the Atlantic coast of the northeastern U.S. and Europe, I was able to receive France Inter out of Allouis on 162 kHz on all three receivers using your antenna. Without your antenna there was nothing there. With it, I had a quite listenable signal for a little less than an hour before sunrise in France absorbed it. I should underline that this is the summer here in the northern hemisphere and I am--again--150 miles from the coast! The antenna pulled in the signal through all of that, plus the usual summertime static.

Bravo on a great product.

Best regards,
John F, Clifton Park, NY

We were troubled with virtually zero AM reception, in an area of the NSW Central Coast. I looked on the web for Antenna help & instantly found PK's Loop antennas. I completed the Reception Questionnaire and was most impressed by an almost immediate return phone call from Paul to further discuss the reception problem. This was followed up by a full quotation in writing which recommended the Outdoor Remote Tuned Loop, C-LOOP-HDLRAM for our Denon Tuner.

Ordering & delivery was so simple ---clear written instructions made installation easy & within minutes of completion we had clear reception of 6 AM broadcasts.

Ted G. Chain Valley Bay NSW

Thanks paul, the Tunable AM Loop arrived quickly, and works a treat.

Here's a quick blog i wrote about it, thanks again. Click on image to read Blog -->>

Andrew S - VK3BQ

PK:- Thanks Andrew, really appreciate it !

Read Blog

Here's a demonstration video clip posted on YouTube - Click on image to play -->>

Greg H, NOW FM, Moree, NSW


PK:- Thanks Greg for the great production job !

Video Demo

I recently bought a Newstar DR111 radio to receive DRM broadcasts on SW, I was using a well known Chinese, low cost loop aerial, but decided I wanted something better. I ordered the SW620 from PKs Loops, it came quickly and well packed to the UK from Australia, at a good price. It has enabled me to pick up more stations, and get reliable signals on marginal stations, it is really easy to tune, and rotate for the best signal and noise rejection, I found using a 12V battery really improves the upper frequencies, but normally I just use the 9V battery. I can receive all the 80% of the DRM broadcasts for Europe, hearing stereo on SW! takes some getting used to. I would happily recommend this aerial for DRM and AM reception ! Picture attached...

Many thanks

Ian Fleming, Bath, UK

NewStar DR111


May 2009, Radio New Zealand (RNZI) Engineers perform successful DRM field trials using a pre-release (prototype) UniWave100 with a PK's HD Series Shortwave Loop.

UniWave 100
DiWave 100 ProtoType Trials May 2009
RNZI DiWave 100 Trials May 2009

Hi Paul, I tried your custom built Ham Radio C-FILTER-5P-NOTCH-1620kHz 5Pole 60dB Notch Filter for 1620kHz on various receivers. I could not see any drop in sensitivity on the 160m band, but wow the clarity I'm now getting across that band is incredible. No more interference spots and breakthrough from the local AM transmitter on 1620kHz (PK Edit/Addition; Transmitter is 900 metres away from customer premises). I have been suffering from so much crap/intermods and blocking from that local am station it is now amazing to see what is possible without that influence. The Long wave band is about the same because of the high quality ferrite loading coil I use on the antenna for that band but again I see no change in sensitivity so it looks like the filter will always remain in the antenna path for receiving at least. Thanks again Paul, your filter is a valuable tool for my shack!


Steve, VK3YJQ, Victoria

Hi all at PK's, I just had to write to tell you how stunned we were with the performance of the A-LOOP-TAM we recently purchased from you. I must admit to being slightly sceptical as to how it would perform but desperate enough to give it a try as we are some 350km north from ABC 531Khz in Dalwallinu, (200Km NE of Perth); usually reasonable reception after sundown but nothing at daytime ,you can imagine my delight as i tuned the antenna at noon and received reception so clear and strong that i had to turn the radio volume down to about one third volume. A bit of experimenting and we were receiving 6 stations, some from the coast which is over 400 km distant. At night I noticed we didnt get the stations fading in and out and the volume knob turned barely on. I anticipate saving on radio batteries because of this. A very big thank you and please feel free to use this correspondence as you see fit.

Frank Ward, Cue , Western Australia

Hi Paul, just wanted to say thanks for sending the new radio, it's working fantastically with the loop antenna. I have moved it to lots of different places around the house and now have great reception, we are listening to our favourite talkback and gardening shows.

Thank you again...................

Chris and Don H. Boyland Queensland

Paul, this is just to let you know that we are very satisfied with the antenna ( A-Loop-TAM Tunable AM Loop ) that you suggested would be suitable in our Cardiff (Newcastle area ) location.

The reception of Sydney radio station 2GB has greatly improved and our sanity has been restored.

Thanks for your assistance.

Jenny and Allan H. Cardiff New South Wales

Paul, you have saved my marriage!

Let me explain: Bindoon is hilly and has lot of "black" spots; no free-to-air TV and Wireless networks are barely usable. Our beautiful house is perfect for this location; double brick, 3 meter veranda all around, open hearth fireplace, satellite TV and .... a tin roof. My dear wife can't stand much of today's TV and habitually retires early each night to a good book or tunes in to the ABC on AM (FM can't get through anyway). But AM broadcasts were rarely clear and often downright unintelligible. I tried a heap of solutions; expensive radios, external aerial and even satellite radio. There were issues with all these, from awkward to horribly expensive. Then by good fortune, my Google search popped up with your product, the Tunable AM Loop ( A-LOOP-TAM ). My marriage has never been on sounder footing. Your product is all it claims to be and I can't thank enough the genius that made it possible.


John R, Bindoon Western Australia

Hi Paul, just a few lines to express my utmost appreciation for your advice on the best way to pick up 846 Canberra and others.........

The reception of this radio ( Sangean PR-D7 ) is brilliant in this building, compared to at least 5 others I have tried. It is as you said a little clearer with battery power. I will get some rechargeable batteries later. By all accounts it is a very bad building to get stuff clear, but this radio is fantastic to be able to deliver acceptable sound. The loop antenna ( A-LOOP-MTAM ) just gives it that edge.

At home and away from this area, we found the following: We could listen to 702 Sydney, clear as a bell, something we have never been able to receive!!! We can receive 12 AM stations, 25 FM stations!!! Truly astonishing as I didn't even know that many FM stations came across our area! The tone and sound quality is amazing from such a small package with a 3" speaker-truly a fantastic radio. Stunning. Nice design looks great, small enough to take to the footy with great features.

Once again thank you for your help and expert advice; we will be telling others about this terrific radio and your service.

Very happy are we!

Bill and Sandra T, Canberra ACT

Boy, is it nice to buy something that actually works as advertised. As we are all aware, most products are advertised with smoke and mirrors, i.e A whole lot of hype and very little to offer in reality.

Your Longwave Loop has me totally amazed, it performs better than I ever dreamed a loop would work. I have used active antenna's and long wires in the past (25+ years) and nothing has come close to your product, I don't buy cheap junk, for an example I use Sony active antennas, also eavesdropper antenna's, I thought these were good performers, not anymore.

Now I can keep the wife happy by not having long wires etc. strung all around the yard, the loops take up no space at all.

Paul, I am in the process of building a new home, but when it's finished, I will be talking to you about your remote mounted loops. Just for your information my Radios are, Icom ic r75 (fully modded), Sony SW7600gr and a Sony ICF7600


David French, Lulworth, Tasmania

Dear Paul, you have won my wife Helen's heart, she listened to both 972 kHz and dear old 3LO on 774 kHz last night when we got home from Adelaide. Excellent reception!

Demonstrated to her the loops magic on the other SA stations and this morning on 594 kHz from Horsham, our companion for many hours on our travels in to Victoria, particularly to Melbourne and Wodonga to visit family.

A sincere thank you and congratulations on your workmanship, you should be justly proud of your product. Happy New Year and thanks again !


Peter Barclay VK5CA, Port Elliot South Australia

Hi Paul, I have been using the Passive Longwave loop antenna (A-LOOP-LWT190-550) now for two solid weeks and I couldn't be happier with its performance. I'm using it coupled inductively to a Sangean ATS-909 portable receiver.

Every night I discover several new beacons, some of them 2000 km away and one night I copied BBC4 on 198 kHz, over 5500 km! And this is in summer, with continuous lightning static !

The tuning knob is easy to spin with one finger to bring in a nice narrow passband and the whole
unit spins easily on a smooth table. The nulls are good and sharp.

The loop covers 190 to 550 kHz, as advertised. It's compact and portable (about 14 inches in
diameter) and ruggedly built.

Thanks for a great product!

Peter Lanting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Paul I received the antenna on Friday and got all the gear installed over the weekend, and it's the best AM reception I've ever had in this house, brilliant!


David M, Wanniassa ACT

Dear Paul, just a note to let you know that the loop arrived safely on Wednesday 9 May and I am thrilled with it! I have used it with several portable radios and boom boxes; it works great with all of them!

I use it during the daytime hours to listen to a station 100 km south of Seattle on 680 kHz that plays vintage jazz and swing music; it comes in clear as a bell, as strongly as a local station!

At night, I clearly hear stations from all over the western U.S. and western Canada! If you need a testimonial, please feel free to use any of these remarks.

Thanks again,

Keith Beesley Seattle WA USA

Thank you so much for the speed of your service and for the product which I gratefully received today. It has made such a difference to my radio enjoyment already.

My friend was so impressed with your product she asked me to place an order which I have just completed.

Thank you once again,

John W, Mugee New South Wales

Received the Loop and I am very very happy, I can hear Greek Radio on 1683kHz and all these Solomon Isle DX and NZ AM Stations like 1035kHz


Blair Smith, Rockhampton Queensland

Dear Paul, Just wanted to let you know I received the loops & am 1000% satisfied. I am particularly impressed with the AMBC loop. I am listening to WKBW from Buffalo NY over 800 miles on 1520. I am sure you get alot of raves but as a listener of 32 years, I am very happy to have finally found a usable loop that didn't cost me my first born !

73 de

Chris K4RAF, Chase City VA

Dear Paul, the SW-to-MW converter is working well. I used it with my car radio and was able to listen to 2310 kHz from Alice Springs here in Melbourne! Great performance and well made !


Dieter, VK3FFB Heathmont, Victoria


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