Are you a Longwave enthusiast?

Longwave Loop Antennas for discerning LW DX Listeners.

Table Top / Portable Passive LW Loops

High performance passive loop for use with Longwave portable radios with internal Ferrite Rod antennas. Available in the following frequency ranges;

  • 150-450kHz ( Order Code A-LOOP-LWT150-450 ) PDF
  • 155-500kHz ( Order Code A-LOOP-LWT155-500 ) PDF

We also custom make Single Station/Fixed passive loops for:- NAVTEX, 60kHz Time, 136kHz, LW Broadcasters; like 198kHz BBC Radio 4 LW service and others...

LW Single Frequency ( Order Code A-LOOP-LWFxxx ) where xxx is frequency in kHz, so for BBC LW service on 198kHz, the loop ordercode is A-LOOP-LWF198


HD Series Table Top / Portable Amplified LW Loop

High performance Tunable Amplified Loop Antenna for Longwave, featuring a low noise, high gain, wide dynamic-range, preamplifier with BNC O/P.

  • 150-500kHz Amplified Loop ( PDF:- C-LOOP-HDLSM150-500 ) PDF

HD Series Remote Tuned Longwave Loops

  • 150-500kHz Passive Loop ( Order Code C-LOOP-HDRLW150-500 ) PDF
  • 150-500kHz Amplified Loop ( Order Code C-LOOP-HDARLW150-500 )
Remote LW HamLoop

High Performance VLF / Longwave Up-Converter

High performance Longwave up-converter, hears VLF right down to 1kHz! Ultra sensitive and low noise; on a simple antenna you can receive JJY on both 40 & 60kHz along with other distant VLF signals right here in Australia !

Excellent for listening to VLF phenomenon such as whistlers, sprites and for SID monitoring.

The Up Conversion places the Longwave Band 1 to 500kHz within the 10.0 to 10.5MHz Band)

Designed to completely block AM/MW Band Interference and reject inband reception of Shortwave signals on the converter output.

12 Volt operation with Relay Bypass on the input and output on power off.

(Order Code: C-CONV-LF10 for 10MHz O/P ) PDF

VLF / Longwave Up Converter

VLF / Longwave Up Converter

Review of Preamplified LW Loop by Neil G4OFV

Pictured right is Neil’s LW Loop Postcard from his latest DX’pedition to Costa-Da-Caparica in Portugal.




Lower right is a LW Loop Postcard courtesy John Wong, Canada


There is also a review in Japanese by Takuji Shimizu


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