Reception Questionnaire

We're here to help you find the best solution for your AM Radio reception problem !

To do this, we need some background information....

Please print out this page ( or cut and paste it into an email ) and let us know the following:-

  1. Your location, distance to and name of nearest town?
  2. Make, model and type of radio that you would like the antenna for?
  3. Does this radio have an external attached Hi-Fi Mini Loop Antenna ?
  4. The main station that you are having difficulty with or would like to receive?
  5. Are there other stations that you have problems with or would like to hear?
  6. Where is the radio and antenna going to be used?
  7. If your radio is indoors, please tell us if the building construction is Concrete, Steel Framed or has a metal roof?
  8. Do you have any interference problems, strange noises, hissing, bad static or are other stations being heard?
  9. What time of day or night does the interference occur?
  10. Do you have Solar Electricity, ie Solar Panels on your roof ?
  11. How did you find out about our AM Radio Antennas?
  12. Please leave your daytime phone number, so we can discuss your requirements further?

Please reply by email to emailor call on our Mobile 0412 302 939 between 9:00am-9:00pm AEST and we’ll help you!

(International Customers please use email to correspond.)

Once we have established the correct antenna model for you, along with any accessories, making your purchase is easy !

We accept; Cheques, Netbank / Direct Deposit, Money Orders and COD, or if you have the internet you can purchase online using PayPal

If paying by PayPal, please include your Order information including Name, Address and any special instructions, in the comments field.

We want to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction, so if our products do not meet your expectations, we will cheerfully refund your money on return of the purchased items.

Thank you Paul & Louise


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