Antennas for Hi-Fi Tuners, Intercoms and Home Cinema Receivers

Indoor Matched Loop Antenna

PK’s Loop Antennas have Engineered an optimised Wideband AM Hi-Fi Antenna for Metropolitan use known as the "Matched Loop Antenna". It provides outstanding AM reception results from your AM Tuner, solving the age old problem of poor AM performance otherwise obtained with the Mini-Loop that tuners are shipped with. It will dramatically improve the Signal to Noise Ratio on your AM reception. Hearing is believing !

Suits, SONY, BOSE, TIVOLI, PIONEER, DENON, YAMAHA and most other tuners.

The Indoor Matched Loop is supplied with pre-tuned cable lengths as follows:-

  • with 5m cable ( Code A-LOOP-MATCH-5 ) PDF
  • with 10m cable ( Code A-LOOP-MATCH-10 ) PDF

Note: Most Mini or Bookshelf Systems will also require the optional AM Balun ( Order Code C-RX-BALUN-GND )


Is your signal Weak ?

Amplified Long Range AM Antenna - MK-II

This is an Indoor Amplified Antenna for Weak AM Signals, it is for connection to many types of AM Receivers and Radios with antenna terminals including; Some Hi-Fi's, Valve Mantles and Car radios. Conveniently powered from any source of 12 Volts DC. Features our unique Shielded Magnetic design for the clearest in long range AM reception.

( Order Code A-LOOP-HIFI-II ) PDF

Accessories available; AUS/NZ 240v AC plug-pack for home or indoor use. Automotive fused cigarette lighter lead, external battery lead option. Various cable types, including Car Radio, Hi-Fi & Open ends. Optional Loop Coupler, for radio without external antenna connections.

( code: A-LOOP-Coupler )

Note: Most Mini or Bookshelf Systems will also require the optional AM Balun ( Order Code C-RX-BALUN-GND )

Loop Coupler

Are you having difficulty getting AM Indoors ?

Outdoor Remote Tuned AM Antenna

This Outdoor AM Loop is ideal for use when;-

1/ Your building shields you from good AM reception, or if you have bad interference on AM indoors...

2/ You can't rely on Mains power for communications, ie Fire/Disaster Zone applications...

3/ You are on the fringe of reception and need a significant boost to the signal that is just there...

The powerful combination of an Electronically Balanced Loop and isolation from powerline noise, gives the qualities necessary to decrease local interference, noise and static, leaving strong and clear reception.

The Loop Control Box has an easy to use tuning control and connects to the loop with a single coax cable. The system is powered by a 9volt battery located inside the control box; ultra low power consumption means you will only need to change the battery about once a year, a bit like a Smoke Detector Battery. It is truly the ultimate Outdoor AM Radio Antenna ! This antenna can be used with HiFi Tuners, AM Receivers, Car Radios, we can modify with an External Antenna connection the Sangean PR-D7 Portables that thrive on the signal from this antenna in fringe applications !!!


Please note we also have configurations of this model loop antenna for use in Caravans and Motor Homes with inbuilt car radios/hifi systems...

( Order Code C-LOOP-HDLRAM-RV )


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